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IFARA - Your Future started yesterday

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17th. September: Presentation by Dr. Dietmar Peetz on "Absolute return strategies"

About us:

The Institute For Applied Risk Management is a nonprofit, non-partisan, independently funded and interdisciplinary research organization devoted to serving the public. By means of a research-based approach IFARA generates viable, effective public policy responses to important economic problems and financial interdependencies that profoundly can affect our society. 

IFARA helps to illustrate the strategic consequences of such complex questions as:
  • social capital and plutocracy - what trends are impacting nation states fate?
  • relationship between confidence crisis in politics and the price of gold?
  • Consequences of deflation and inflation for national security policy?
Our members are experts in the areas of financial markets, risk management, economic history, intelligence and security, theoretical physics and sociology (in particular modeling of mass phenomena / social trend research). This broad spectrum of diverse academic backgrounds helps achieving an interdisciplinary connection of knowledge areas in order to develop innovative and practically relevant solutions.



Classical economic growth theories were unable to predict these dilemmas, as they did not adequately take into account factors such as the macroeconomic impact of financial sector developments.
At the same time, policy makers are under increased pressure to come up with workable and effective solutions. As such, a clear analysis of causes and effects of decisions with far reaching consequences for the financial, economic, security spheres of our society are crucial. IFARA has developed an innovative framework based on both analytical insights and empirical evidence for analysing and simulating the consequences and risks of social dynamics as shown in the simulation graph below:


 Download PDF Download PDF Comming soon: Our political crisis prediction model

Target group:

IFARA foster collaboration with decision makers in international and national security, in economics and in public policy affairs with an interest in dymamic decision making 


Genreith Model illustrating the relationship between assets (debts) and the real economy in Germany

Yellow: Banking assets according to Bundesbank sources, blue: Official data for Gross Domestic Product (GDP), red: model values for banking assets, green: model values for GDP (reducing the delay factor yields faster results)




Financial support for the research work of the institue is greatly appreciated. Please contact our Treasurer Philippe Wechsler using this <email link>.